Over 50 years in the service of industry and maritime.


Most metal workpieces have to work in more and more severe conditions, facing the problems of oxidation, corrosion and wear on their surface, many times in addition with high temperatures and thermal shocks.

Repair of a worn part with our processes, doesn’t just concern its dimensional restoration, but upgrades its working performance by strengthening its resistance to chemical attack and mechanical wear. The coated workpiece, performs even better than a new/spare part.

Depending on the coated material and the application, engineering coatings can also be applied onto brand new metallic objects to improve their surface characteristics.


Nickolaos Kalavrytinos and his sons Michael, Aristomenes and Alexander, who had gained experience working in several sectors of Galvanochemics, in Greece and abroad, led by creative spirit and great enthusiasm, founded the company in 1968. In 1980 the company acquired the legal form of Societe Anonyme, under the title “KALAVRYTINOS BROS S.A. – METALCHROM”

All those years, the company has been in touch with the latest evolutions in surface and coatings technology, and made consistent efforts towards development. Thus, today “METALCHROM” is proud to be the leader in its field in Greece, providing efficient and trustworthy services in industry and shipping.

In 2018, the company has moved to a privately owned 1000 square meter industrial building, in the area of Aspropyrgos, Attica, expanding service capabilities, whereas the management has passed to Nickolaos Kalavrytinos, son of Michael, and Konstantinos Kalavrytinos, son of Aristomenis, who carry on the family tradition, with eagerness and a bright vision for the future.